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Living beyond means – is that you?

The American economy has improved through these past few years and this is very optimistic. Finances have been stabilized and there’s a possibility of taking more debts. However, on the other side, Census Bureau study concluded that there was no change in of median net worth excluding home equity before and now it’s been decreasing. Considering these facts you may want to think of some questions, like should you live  [ Read More ]

Not every money lender in the pay day loan business is someone you should trust.  More and more businesses are getting into pay day loans and not all are honest businessmen and women, and there are a few warning signs you should look out for. Beware of Online Pay Day Lenders One of the fastest growing of the pay day loan money lender niche, are online firms that claim they  [ Read More ]

Nexsan Data Storage

As businesses continue to move away from printed files and information and towards totally digital information the result is that millions of companies rely on data that is stored on computer servers and hard drives. If those pieces of hardware are damaged, destroyed or lost for any reason, that data also gone. Even as the cloud becomes a reality and more than a buzzword, the reliance on remote data storage  [ Read More ]

The Chemical M&A

The Valence Group is an investment firm that offers chemical m&a advisory services to investors and companies that deal in chemicals and other such materials. The firm has unparalleled experience as they have been operating for more than 10 years and have a collective experience of over 150 years. Their expertise involves transactional experience in investment banks and industry specialists. The Valence Group is world’s largest group of experienced M&A  [ Read More ]

ERP Software Systems

What is now called Enterprise Resource Planning software started in the long ago dark ages of computing – a little over a decade ago – as Material Resource Planning or MRP systems. The primary difference is the way in which ERP software systems have come to encompass virtually all major areas of the enterprise computing needs. These elements now include quality control, maintenance, sales and distribution, estimating, and accounting functions.  [ Read More ]

Mortgage Protection Insurance

The reasons people buy mortgage protection insurance policies is so they can have peace of mind: the insurance company can make your mortgage payments for you should you lose your job or if you get disabled and are unable to work. Some types of mortgage insurance will also pay off the entire mortgage should you die, and some policies provide for both scenarios. A great advantage of this type of  [ Read More ]

Reloadable Credit Card

We all make mistakes. We were all young once. Unfortunately, when these mistakes are financial they can often follow us for years, negatively affecting everything from the ability to get a credit card to even purchasing a home. Thankfully, there are ways to survive while rebuilding your credit score. Purchasing items from a rental company can help to improve your credit. Most rental companies sell rent-to-own items like televisions, refrigerators  [ Read More ]

Building Business Credit: It’s Nothing Personal If you’re like nearly 1/3 of all new small business owners, then you’re planning to use some combination of personal credit and savings to finance your business start-up. Should your business fail for any reason, you will be personally liable for your company’s debts. By signing on the dotted line, you’re putting your property, including your mortgage, your car, and your retirement savings, in  [ Read More ]

The art of self-promotion

If you’ve just graduated from a creative course and are now trying to find your way into the world of commissions, collaborations and paid work, getting your foot into the door of the creative industries can seem practically impossible. One of the best ways to get your name out there is to get together with like-minded individuals and put on an exhibition showcasing your talents. Although this may seem like  [ Read More ]

File Documents Regularly

No matter what size your business may be, at some stage you will require bookkeeping services in order to help manage your company’s finances. While there are many accountants available that may be able to assist you, it is important that you do your part as a business owner with regards to providing your bookkeeper with all of the information they require. Computerise Your Accounting Records Many smaller business owners  [ Read More ]

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