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As a location to run your business from, Reading is hard to beat. With direct and frequent transports links to London and Bristol it continues to be a business hotspot despite the economic downturn. Its popularity means that the town has a considerable amount of office space of varying quality and price. Goodman UK has long realised that the quality of the location and building are vital to the success  [ Read More ]

The cost of communication for a business can be quite considerable, particularly in today’s global economic climate. No matter how great or small your business might be, you will need a mobile phone to stay in touch with clients and contacts. When your business reach extends overseas, this can lead to a shocking phone bill at the end of the month. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to make ways to make  [ Read More ]

You can still find guaranteed car finance In our current difficult economic times, many of us are becoming increasingly afraid of credit, with horror stories of spiralling personal debts making the headlines on a regular basis. Unethical lenders, lack of funds to pay off loans and a feeling we should be saving rather than spending are some of the reasons we are less likely to turn to credit as a  [ Read More ]

Climate change is an increasingly important issue when thinking about business continuity – and not just in Tornado Alley, even in the most sedate parts of the UK too, as our weather patterns become less seasonal and even less predictable. Regardless of whether you believe climate change is the result of carbon emissions, the solar cycle, or our emergence from the last ice age, there’s plenty of evidence of isolated  [ Read More ]

Deadlines and project management are like inseparable twins. When they become detached, the consequences can be very costly. To be successful as a Project Management Professional (PMP) your deadlines need to be maintained and met. Completing projects on or before the scheduled date lends itself to successful project management.  However, in reality delays and setbacks in deadlines are inevitable, and happen to most projects to some degree. These delays, big  [ Read More ]

The fragile economies of the world and incessantly rising prices of gasoline have motivated car makers into seriously working towards expanding their line-up of crossover and sports utility vehicles that do not house gas guzzling engines. Auto exhibitions across the face of the globe, and primarily in America, are featuring more and more crossovers and hybrid vehicles. This article lists and discusses 3 amazing options that you have currently in  [ Read More ]

Transforming procurement from reactive to proactive drives your business strategies forward. Cost management is the key but there are also additional supply-side performance factors which also have to ‘kick in’. This must happen in order to facilitate genuine change and bring about strategic cost benefits and improved supply chain results. Strategic procurement consultancy model infographic supplied courtesy of  Vendigital Performance factors We talk about performance factors but what are they.  [ Read More ]

The Internet is awash with online retailers of sight aids. A simple search on Google could net you 20 or 30 different online stores. You could find dozens more if you tried. You can’t simply choose a store because it appears at the top of your search results page, though. Search engines can juggle their results for reasons that have nothing much to do with quality or value. It’s basically  [ Read More ]

Many of us spend a significant portion of our lives behind the wheel on the daily commute. In the USA, the US Census Bureau finds that over 75% of the workforce drives to work each day, with the average journey lasting 25 minutes. For those who spend an hour each day or more on the drive to work, it’s important to find a car that is up to the challenge.  [ Read More ]

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