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When your business is insolvent, you need to stop trading. If found trading wrongfully or fraudulently, as a director you can be held personally liable for the debt and face a prison sentence. Wrongful trading and fraudulent trading are two different things and carry different penalties and liabilities. If you are at risk of trading while insolvent, you should speak to an insolvency practitioner immediately. This will help you determine  [ Read More ]

Whether you’re printing postcards, flyers, or brochures, it’s important to know what you should include in the design. Some printers will help you design a piece of marketing material, while others expect you to send them the complete design. In either case, you will likely be working with a designer who will need to know what you want included, or you will be designing these pieces of print advertising yourself  [ Read More ]

Before venturing into the topic, let’s have a brief idea about the following: What’s a home insurance policy? What are its benefits? How to get a home insurance policy? Why to get home insurance policies at santam? Going one by one, home insurance policy is the financial cover to the standard risks associated with a home. In simple words, it is the financial security to the tons of bricks in  [ Read More ]

Web marketing and advertising is obtaining a lot more dynamic, along with the attempted and correct offline model of multimedia marketing is generating deep inroads in to the Web. It would seem the information superhighway is now a lot more high tech and interactive. Typically, sites have presented advertisers a mixture of basic and much more complex animated banners, buttons and regular text adverts to shout about their offerings. With  [ Read More ]

There is so much more to starting a successful business than there is to running one.  Running a business requires only that you keep it successful.  Starting a business that will be successful means you have to make it become successful in the first place.  That is the difference in a small business owner and an entrepreneur.  Albert Einstein said it perhaps best of all when he said: “Logic will  [ Read More ]

Information technology refers to the combination of computer and telecommunication based equipment for storing, retrieving and transmitting data for business and other purposes. Information Technology in short IT connects with software and hardware technology, it also refers to internet and security system, data processing, and finding business solution. Indian IT sector is one of the major sectors providing jobs in India to millions of Indian population.  Indian IT sector is  [ Read More ]

The IT sector is a competitive job sector to enter into as a graduate, but with more and more people around the world relying on computers of all descriptions each and every day, there’s no doubt that the jobs are there. The IT industry may be in better shape than some other areas of recruitment, but ambitious graduates will still have to prove themselves in order to land the jobs  [ Read More ]

Setting up and managing a computer network is essential for most businesses these days. It will enable your employees to access the same broadband connection in addition to sharing folders and drives and accessing software. Devices such as printers and scanners can also be set up on your network. If you have recently launched a new business and are in the process of hiring staff, you will undoubtedly be considering  [ Read More ]

In Case You Really Had to Know

For the last several years, as the UK economy has basically wobbled from one piece of bad news to the next, many people have been through some true difficulties. Far too many workers have found that the great paying job that they had was eliminated, as many companies had to contract in the face of slowing global demand. The manufacturing sector, which has always been one of the strong points  [ Read More ]

If you’re tired of always searching for equipment, trying to find the right files in a cabinet, or sorting out different departments’ documents, color coding might be the answer to your woes. Our brains are trained to see color much faster than words or even shapes, thanks to primal adaptations. We can quickly find files and items that are color coded, so they’re a great step to pulling together an  [ Read More ]

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