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As your business or organisation grows there will be more opportunities for you to expand, which tends to involve recruiting more staff. Looking for the right people to fill those vacancies may be something completely new to you, therefore making the whole process seem daunting. Even those that have recruited before may find that it is a struggle to attract the right talent and hire the best people for the  [ Read More ]

I just read an article by the Washington Post stating that in the past 4 years the average American’s net worth has dropped 40% from $126,400 in 2008 to just $77,300 today.  Today’s level is what it was in 1992!  Wow, change was asked for and boy did we get it.  The problem is the worst in California. Since LTC Tree is in the business of protecting families net worth this stat  [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Get Emergency Cash

Do you need emergency cash? There are a lot of ways to get extra cash but not all of them are a smart financial decision. When you need to get emergency cash, it’s important to evaluate the options that you have available to you and make a wise decision. Below, you will find the top 5 methods we have come across for getting emergency funding for bills, debt, mortgage payments,  [ Read More ]

If your business needs cash immediately, there are options available to you. Fast cash is generally hard to come by and that’s why the options available are greatly appreciated by small business owners today. However, fast cash also comes with some repercussions. One of which is the interest rate that you will receive. Companies that provide quick cash with an easy approval process generally have higher interest rates than those  [ Read More ]

At first glance, making money and getting money could read as exchangeable terms to bring into one’s hands a stash of money, but it is the ultimate goal of the money what makes the difference. When you borrow money is because you have to cover an expense that cannot wait until you earn that money or get your paycheck. When you think of making money is finding an idea to  [ Read More ]

Every job is filled with challenges and the same applies to the cleaning business too. There are people who say that cleaning is easy and you just need to go to the address mentioned and complete the job. This is not as easy as it seems. There are many complicated things involved in this business and this business requires proper management. All the cleaning teams need to be sent at  [ Read More ]

Planning for Corporate Events

Finding the perfect speaker or entertainer for your corporate event is equally important as any other aspect of the event. There is a lot to consider if you want to ensure you book the right person for the occasion. No matter what kind of event you are planning, the ideal speaker or entertainer will have to keep the audience attentive and entertained, ensuring that the occasion is memorable for your  [ Read More ]

Marketing your small business is an important part of growing your business and seeing increased revenue. There are many different ways in which you could market your small business, from the straightforward to the downright wacky – it all depends on your business marketing needs. Here are some great tips for marketing your small business which will help you to grow and expand whilst meeting your clients or customers’ needs.  [ Read More ]

If you’re thinking about selling your business the first thing you may think of is how much you’re likely to get for it. It’s all too easy to jump the gun when it comes to making a sale of any kind, and selling a business is no different in this respect. However there is much to consider when deciding to sell your business and only by conducting the sale of  [ Read More ]

A lot of people have been making the move from the U.S. to Canada to be able to have a better life for quite a number of reasons. It is only a couple of years ago however that people began seeing the advantages of moving their businesses to Canada as well instead of just their families. Instead of moving to Canada and beginning a whole new business there, it is  [ Read More ]

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