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Whether it is before or after the sale, your customer service will play a huge role in your profitability and viability as a business. Equally as important as a purchase consideration as price is the customer’s perception of your ability to provide service and have trust in the products or services you sell. Customer service begins with the first interaction your customer has with you be it online, by telephone,  [ Read More ]

If you are someone that is worried about your family dealing with the circumstances that would arise should you pass away, you may want to look into life insurance packages. Life insurance ensures that your family will have some monetary help, should you unexpectedly passed away. This is incredibly important for families in which one parent earns in income, and another parent takes care of the children. You want to  [ Read More ]

Regardless of the industry that you are in, the need for general liability insurance is very real. Unfortunately, lawsuits have become commonplace among today’s businesses. While most issues are generally handled in small claims courts, these are still situations where you need to be covered under a general liability insurance policy. Having to appear in court can not only jeopardize the finances of your business, but it can also damage  [ Read More ]

In recent years, retailing has seen a huge shift from a single department selling point like a physical bricks-and-mortar store to multiple ways of engaging and interacting with a customer. These new ways of selling come from the advancement of technology and include the internet, mobile phone, email and catalogue. With the addition of these new ways, now referred to as multi-channel retailing, it is more important than ever for  [ Read More ]

Setting Up a Retail Business

The current economic climate has seen a great many casualties on the high street, with big names going out of business due to poor sales and higher overheads. Despite this, some smaller independent businesses are thriving due to their loyal customer base, excellent products and a niche sector. If you’re thinking about setting up your own shop, then there are many things to think about. One of them is the  [ Read More ]

Identifying roof problems can be easier than you think, but this fact makes the decision harder if you wish to use a professional or use products such as Flex Seal to resolve your roof repair. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) it is necessary to perform a roofing inspection twice a year, but addressing common roofing problems yourself can really help save your money. As seen on TV,  [ Read More ]

On the Ground: Imprinted koozies are great for getting your logo on the ground and in front of poeple. Marketing with custom koozies can be the best choice depending on your target demographic. The designs can be customized for using them to advertise the information and details of the company and get your name out faster than mail or TV. You get a 1000 of them for around $300 easily.  [ Read More ]

Many binary options traders choose to engage with technology stocks in order to derive regular and hefty profits. The technology sector is diverse; one of the most interesting areas is social networking. Social networking has become an important part of both business and personal life. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have grown in their reach, influence and wealth. Linked In is a company that primarily focuses on business users. The 4th  [ Read More ]

As China has such a huge population, and therefore a huge number of consumers, it is vital that Western companies are connected with the Chinese in order to heighten their businesses success. Unlike Western business etiquette, we must not jump to the conclusion that all formalities will be the same abroad as well. This, in fact, is very untrue. It is vital that when you are interacting with Chinese business  [ Read More ]

Getting a payday loan is easy, fast, and convenient because you can find countless payday loan lenders whether online or announced in your local newspapers. However, you must be aware that not all those advertisements you read are actually licensed payday lenders, but companies that gather for you the best deals at the cost of a commission that you may end up paying to them. While it is also possible  [ Read More ]

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