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Establishing a not-for-profit company is not just time consuming; it can also be expensive if you don’t know where to go to cut costs on legal forms and other items you need. The government doesn’t want the process to be too easy because not-for-profit companies often qualify for certain tax incentives or tax breaks that other companies don’t receive. Also, since you need several types of forms to start a not-for-profit company, attorneys often charge a high price to create and execute all of those forms for you. When you decide to start a not-for-profit company, your goal is to conserve all available resources for the company’s operations and purpose, rather than spend a lot of money up front getting the company started. Here, learn how using online forms for your company’s legal needs can provide you with all 10 required forms you need to establish a not-for-profit company.

Understanding Online Forms

Using online legal forms is a popular new way that start-up companies are saving money on common legal forms. Since a not-for-profit company needs so many forms, it just makes sense to save money on legal costs wherever you can. Legal forms companies that operate online make attorney-vetted legal forms available at a fraction of what it would cost to have those forms crafted from scratch. To use online forms, all you do is visit the forms website, select and review the forms you need, pay for and download each form and then follow the instructions to fill them out. If you need help, you can email or call the forms centre helpline for guidance.

Not-for-Profit Company Forms

These 10 forms represent the most common legal forms you will need to start your not-for-profit company. All ten can be found using legal online forms providers.

  • Certificate of Registration. The Certificate of Registration is the first and most important document you need to register your new not-for-profit company. Here you specify the registration date, the name of the new company and the Australian Company Number (ACN).
  • Company Constitution. The Company Constitution outlines how your new company will function and operate. This critical document covers everything that could potentially occur during the company’s lifespan, from personnel to finance to operations.
  • Consent to Act as Director. The Consent to Act as Director is the form the new company director must sign indicating his/her agreement with this new role. The document includes identifying information such as birth date and location, residence, full name and basic job responsibilities. It is a simple one-page form with a place for the Director to write the date and place a signature.
  • Consent to Act as Secretary. The Consent to Act as Secretary is the form you will have the new company Secretary sign to affirm acceptance of his/her role. As with the Director Consent form, this document includes identifying information such as birth date and location, residence, full name and basic job responsibilities. This one-page form asks for the date of execution and a signature.
  • Application for Shares. This form allows you to apply to issue shares to members of your company as a way to raise capital for company operations.
  • Directors Meeting Minutes. This form is a template to be used to catalogue standardised minutes from all directors meetings.
  • Share Certificates. This form offers a template that your company can use to issue share certificates.
  • Consent to Act as Public Officer. This very important form designates the person of public record who maintains compliance with Australian income tax requirements. The form names the person, verifies an Australian birthplace and an age of 18 or older, takes a signature and goes on file with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
  • Notice of Public Officer Appointment. This form makes public the appointment of the Public Office for your new not-for-profit company. It gives the name and contact information for the Public Officer and goes on file with the ATO.
  • Establishment Kit. This kit contains an overview of each form and how it needs to be processed once it is filled out completely.

With these 10 forms you can be up and running as a not-for-profit company quickly, and with a great cost savings over what an attorney would charge you to do the same.

About the Author: Harold Keene established a not-for-profit Pty. Ltd. company two years ago. After getting a quote for $5,000 from an attorney, he used online legal forms from Cleardocs.com and paid less than $500, using the savings toward his company’s first fundraiser."

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